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Java Sourcebook : Complete Guide to Creating Java Applets for the Web

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Ed Anuff
February 1996
£19.96 (approx)

If you'd like to learn Java from someone who specializes in multimedia technology and the Web, here's your course book. Accomplished in Java, CGI, and HTML, Ed Anuff is the guy who brings you those wild and wonderful pages at HotWired. He knows his stuff. And with this book, you will too.

Replete with concrete code examples that actually do something, the book gives you the basics; shows you how to control your applications and applets; and covers objects, classes, and threads. While he assumes you know some basics of programming, Anuff rarely uses jargon without defining it clearly; indeed, one chapter has a chart of jargon synonyms--a nice touch.

You could either teach a class from this book or use it for your own independent study course. The Java Sourcebook is a timely companion to the most significant aspect of dynamic Internet programming in the 1990s.

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Reviews and Customer Comments

C|Net buy itThe specific, good-sense design tips throughout the book make it very useful indeed. You could either teach a class from this book or use it for your own independent study course.
Elizabeth P. Crowe, c|net Book Review

Excellent Book for the Java novice Programmer
Java Sourcebook by Ed, Anuff is an excellent book for stepping into the Java programming field. It gives you a very good start into the new terrain of so much talked about Java. This book takes you step by step into explaining the concepts of the language and also explains where it differs from other languages, around, on some aspects of the object oriented concept, which is very helpful and it gives you the edge in the learning process. After finishing the book you will be capable of developing your advanced applications and applets in Java, using the advanced concepts of language like Graphics, Multimedia etc. I think that it is a worth buy. I would also like to congratulate the author for writing such a excellent book. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to step into the JAVA field and wants a good start.

The best explanation of packages.
This is an excellent introductory Java book. In particular it has the most in-depth discussion concerning how to create one's own packages. Other books twice this size have at most one dinky paragraph stating in effect 'place package PACKAGENAME at the top of the source file'. Well there's a lot more to it than that and this text actually tells you where the compiler looks for files and how to amend the CLASSPATH. I was thoroughly impressed., McLean, VA

Practical Java Script Programming
with CD

click to order Practical Java Script Programming; With CD

Reaz Hoque
March 1997
£16.52 (approx)

This is an excellent application based JavaScript book that serves to teach the readers what they need to start writing JavaScript embedded web pages.  You will be able to grasp JavaScript in less than 100 pages and start working on practical applications, like custom computer cost estimator, shopping cart app etc. All the examples in the book are geared towards what could be used on a regular basis.

The book does not talk about VBScript or other tools, thereby avoiding overloading readers with information and focusing right on one subject. You won't learn absolutely all there is to know about JavaScript - but there's more than enough to get you up and running with your own applications. The CD-ROM includes over 100 code samples for you to cut and paste in your existing HTML documents. Not only that, to make sure that you can keep up, a full blown secure site is dedicated only to those who are buying this book.

The author also writes for NetscapeWorld external link along with Netscape's DevEdge site, ZD Internet Magazine, Web Techniques, Internet World and

Reviews and Customer Comments

This is the best JavaScript book I have read.
The author really got a great way to explaining things. I really like the examples in the book. They are very practical. For my business, I will surely use some of the examples presented here. I was trying out LiveWire and the book gave a great documentation on it. I highly recommend this to others.
Dick MaLont

Practical? Yes. Complete? No. Useful? Yes.
I must confess that my first impression of Practical JavaScript Programming was that I would learn enough about JavaScript to do all my own programming. Wrong. Although I have a background in both C and Java, I found that there were not enough in-text examples of SIMPLE scripts for me to learn the complete syntax. Also, there wasn't enough of an explanation given to the nature of object oriented programming. However, I give this book a rating of 7 because it lived up to its title. It WAS practical and provided a variety of very useful scripts for performing useful tasks. Here's my opinion; if you want to learn JavaScript, don't buy this book. If you want a quick fix, here's your answer.
Chapin B. Klein

The book worked for me!
I found this book extremely helpful. There is no book that is perfect. Despite some minor typos in the book, I loved the fact that the author took the time to create a secure web site, had a great CD and explained code in a very user friendly manner in the book. I highly recommend this to others like me who have no expertise on the web.
Jose Salman

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