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In association with The Internet Bookshop, the largest Book Shop in Europe, we've put together a number of books on relevant topics such as HTML, web design and Java. Each book comes complete with a picture, description and review and every single one is available for immediate order on-line, over a secure connection.

While researching this library we were pleasantly surprised at the number and quality of books available. HTML books historically suffered from being out-of-date, mainly thanks to the competition between between Microsoft and Netscape leading to rapid changes in the medium. Currently, however things seem to have settled down with the adoption of HTML version 3.2 as a standard (although HTML 4 and dynamic HTML is now creeping into things); and there are now many excellent books devoted to this code.

Important: The price charged for all books will be determined by iBS according to their current pricing policies. Book prices may go up and down from time to time, including special iBS discounts and publishers price increases. These changes in book costs will alter the selling price and therefore all prices shown are merely indicative and should not be quoted.



The Internet & World Wide Web Version 3.0
The Rough Guide (3rd Ed)

click to order The Internet & World Wide Web Version 3.0: The Rough Guide

Angus J. Kennedy
November 1996
Rough Guides
£6.17 (approx)

While most Internet directories are weighty enough to prop open heavy wooden doors, this pocket-sized guide packs a lot into 430 pages. Published by the same folks who do the popular Rough Guide travel series, The Internet & World Wide Web makes a terrific resource for travel, but it's also a good directory for your desk.

The first section of the book covers the basics of the Net: how to get connected, how to choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP), e-mail, mailing lists, file transfers, newsgroups, the Web, search engines, how to create a Web page, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), online gaming, and how to stay connected while traveling. While the guide doesn't study these topics exhaustively, it provides enough to get your feet wet.

Section 2 lists over 600 well-known Web sites, which you can access from the book's Web site. The third section features a well-done discussion of Net "contexts," a short history of the Net, a glossary, and "Net language," such as emoticons or the acronyms used as shorthand in posting and chat. An ISP listing concludes the guide. And if you are bringing this guide on your travels, it provides a list of 50 things to do with selections from the book.

Reviews and Customer Comments

You need this book!
The Times, London

A model of brevity and clarity
Sunday Mail, Brisbane

Way the best guide of its kind

5 stars - the best money you'll ever spend
What Personal Computer

The only Internet book we recommend to friends
Internet magazine

If knowledge is power, this is a pocket-sized battering ram
Kansas Morning Star

This guide cuts through the hype and makes all others look like nerdy text books
The Australian

Ranked #1 Internet guide by MacWorld and New Scientist

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Soul of the Internet

click to order Soul of the Internet

Neil Randall
November 1996
£19.95 (approx)

Covering an as yet undocumented Internet topic--the history of the Internet--this book, chronologically organized, covers all important events that led to the development of the Internet. The book is full of interviews with the top personalities involved in the beginning, development, and continuing success of the Internet. Neil Randall's ramble around the Web is a looser but yet more rewarding read than many others in the genre.

With refreshing chapters on the Net's development in Europe and Asia, Randall displays a willingness to escape from the often American view that the Net is but an extension of US values. The book is peppered with mini-interviews and quotes, which give it a rather disorganised feel, yet the rambling chapters somehow mirror the Net's own unplanned and essentially chaotic development.

Reviews and Customer Comments

Internet Magazine best buy5/5 Best Buy
In many ways this book will stand as a work of historical importance. The break up of the NFSNet and the birth of TCP/IP are particularly recommended.
Internet Magazine

This is a different kind of history of the Net. Rather than focusing on the development of the technology and the actual building of the systems themselves, Neil Randall turns his attention to the people who made it happen. The result is a social history, told in terms of interactions between people and ideas. Randall writes the story based on interviews with some of the most influential of all Net gurus and pioneers, including Paul Baran, Vinton Cerf, Tim Berners- Lee, Robert Kahn, Jun Murai, and many more, with major portions of the tale told in their own words. And the story doesn't end when you finish the book - Randall's ongoing social history continues at his Web site, which you can access for updates and additions.
Amazon Cyberculture Books Editor's Recommended Book

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