Go to Top <i> italic HTML 2.0 Nav 2 IE2

A physical style for displaying text in an italic or slanted font. See also <em>.

<I>Drilling?</i>, repeated Ginger, <I>How would I know how to drill? I'm a cat...</i>, he said.

Drilling?, repeated Ginger, How would I know how to drill? I'm a cat..., he said.

Go to Top <iframe> floating frame IE3

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 upwards only. 'Floating' frames are basically windows containing a web pages. They are specified in a similar way to images.

Go to Top <ilayer> inline layer Nav 4

Netscape Navigator 4 only. Defines a separate area of the page as an inline layer that can hold a different page. I have not addressed Netscape layers in Jalfrezi due to their limited support and the introduction of style sheets as a standardexternal link. For more information on layers, see the relevant sections in NetscapeWorldexternal link and Netscape's Developer Libraryexternal link.

Go to Top <img> image HTML 2.0 Nav 2 IE2

Used to display an image (graphic) or video clip.

Go to Top <input> form input box HTML 2.0 Nav 2 IE2

Used to place dialog items on a form. For more information, see the detailed section on Forms.

Go to Top <isindex> HTML 2.0 Nav 2 IE2

This tag has now been superceded by forms and cgi programs. It used to be used to allow a document to be primitively searched. The server hosting the document would have to a program capable of searching the document for it to work. Should be placed in the HEAD of the web page.

Go to Top <kbd> keyboard HTML 2.0 Nav 2 IE2

A logical style for indicating text typed by a user. Usually rendered with a monospaced font.

Type your <KBD>login</KBD> and <KBD>password</KBD> to continue.

Type your login and password to continue.

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