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Promoting your website & making money from it

To my mind site promotion and money making go hand in hand. One seems to depend on the other - the more visible your website is the more earning potential there is. This page addresses methods of marketing your site and of ways you can earn money from your pages, both as a website and as an online business selling goods over the Internet.

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One of the easiest ways to start earning money from your website is to include advertising banners. You will, no doubt have noticed that Jalfrezi employs this method, to bring in a few more beers. Advertising banners tend to be run by third party companies - banner agencies. I use two such agencies:

Burst! first approached me a couple of years ago and we formed a fruitful relationship. Working on a commission basis, they locate paying advertising for quality specialised websites with a fairly high number of visitors. If you think your website fits this specification, I thoroughly recommend them.

The other agency I use is Click Trade. Now part of the MSN-LinkExchange group, they provide paying banners to any site, regardless of quality or size. When you sign up, you can choose from a huge number advertisers who will in turn offer to pay you a fixed amount of money each time one of their banners is clicked upon. Typically you will earn around 10 cents per click, but it can be a lot more than this if the advertiser particularly wishes to be displayed on your site.


Another great thing about Click Trade is that they will run a banner campaign for your site. In other words, while you're earning money running other peoples banners, that money can be going towards advertising your site on other people's web sites - and you get to choose which sites you want to advertise on!

Associate Programs

Another way to make money is to be part of an associate program. Being a member of an associate program means that you advertise or otherwise market a product on behalf of someone else and receive a commission for every sale you make. A good example of this is I'm sure that on your travels around the web you will have come across dozens of websites with so called bookshops, which contain books relevant to the site's topic; well, the webmaster will receive a commission for every book he/she persuades a reader to buy.

The program is fine and works reasonably well, but doesn't tend to bring in an awful lot of revenue. The commission you get is of the order of 5%. This means that for every $50 dollar book you sell, you receive only $2.50. But the news is not all bad...

I've been part of another associate program for over a year now, one which pays $75 for every sale I make. The product is a course entitled The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, which is so good, I talk about it in much more detail later on.

Corey Rudl, who runs the associate program and wrote the course itself, really knows his stuff and he is offering a great opportunity to increase monthly cash flow. There's no contract, sales targets, deposit or any other catches, so rather than reiterate the details here, you can check them all at his website: You can also read an interview with Corey where he talks about his success and his business, the Internet Marketing Center.

This affiliate program was been given a PERFECT rating by and They are also ranked as #1 in the 10 Best Affiliate Programs on the Internet by, and it certainly brings in a lot more money than either my or Music Boulevard associations.

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I've found that the best way of getting people to a web site is to have an entry in Yahoo. Nowadays this is no mean feat as the listings in their directory are still compiled by hand and Yahoo is arguably the most popular web site in the world. That makes for a lot of submissions.

The main attribute to have when trying get listed is patience, but here's a few tips that may help, in order of importance:

  1. Submit to relevant categories. Visit the category you think your website fits in to and see if the sites already listed are similar to yours. If not find a different category that fits better. Then find alternatives and quote them on your submission form.
  2. Always submit to a regional category. The more specific the better - town/area/country.
  3. Get your description right. Give enough detail to describe the site well, but without using jargon or hype.
  4. Having a top level domain name, such as instead of a lower level one like can help.
  5. Resubmit once a fortnight.

Other Search Engines

The other main search engines to submit to include:

Alta Vista makes use of sites' META tags to provide keywords and a description. For more information on how to do this see <META>. You can also make use of services to do the submitting for you, including the excellent Submit It!. They will submit your business or web site to your choice of 400 search engines and directories quickly and easily, so customers can find you wherever they seek.

Promote your web site with Submit It! Services!

Once you've submitted your site, you can monitor where your web site is ranked on leading search engines for selected keywords using a service such as Position Agent. This will report all listings and positions to help you get more hits.

But if you're really serious about promoting your website or Internet business then read on...

Go to ContentsMarketing your online business

Website promotion is one thing, but marketing a business really is the next step up. And its a big step. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert at marketing, be it conventional business or online; however, I know a man who is, and I mentioned him earlier... Corey Rudl.

I personally have come to respect Corey as he has many very successful online businesses. In fact, one of his most popular successes is the book Car Secrets Revealed... with his unique promotional techniques online, he has made it the #1 best selling car book on the Internet... all within a few months! He specialised in unique and powerful Internet marketing ideas and techniques.

If you are considering starting a business on the Internet or already own one, you want to view his web site... Corey really knows what he is talking about. He has made a fortune online and he has just developed a new website that reveals all his tips, tricks and techniques for starting a business on the web site and making a fortune.

If you decide to buy Corey's course, you'll be letting yourself in for a whopping 470 pages, not just some small homemade-type printed book. He discusses everything you would ever want to know about starting a business online... or if you already have a business online, he reveals exactly how to promote it to make a fortune on-line. His website is:

Click here for free Internet marketing newsletter

Check it out, there is lots of information and tips. You will be very impressed. I cannot recommend it more highly... Corey is a 'real' example of someone who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on the net... so listen to what he has to say carefully, he knows what he is talking about (one of the very few on the Internet). At the very least, you could always sign up to his free marketing tips newsletter.

And on top of all that, there is also a form there to sign up for the free associates program if you choose.

Read an interview with Corey Rudl where he talks about the keys his success.

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