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Style Sheet Browser Compatibility Charts

Trying to keep on top of the changing CSS standards, as well as how they work on different platforms, can be a daunting task. What might work in Netscape for the Mac just might not work in IE for the same platform or for Windows 95. And trying to keep track of what to use in which instance can really send your head spinning.

Web Review have pooled their resources to come up with the Web's most comprehensive Style Sheets Guide anywhere. This page provides you with access to valuable tables and articles to ensure that your style sheets are up-to-date and fully operational.

Please note: these Browser Compatibility Charts have been extracted from Web Review ( I have chosen to mirror them here as the charts tend to take a very long time to download from Web Review's server.

Browser Compatibility Charts

The Master List

This is the mother of all CSS charts, listing every aspect of the CSS spec and identifying how well it is supported by Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 3 and Internet Explorer 4 for both Mac and Windows 95.

The Safe List

This is the list you'll refer to again and again -- every CSS property that is completely or partially supported by all browsers.

The Danger List

This is the list of tags to stay away from -- the ones for which support is nonexistent, buggy or quirky.

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