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Creating Killer Websites, 2nd ed.

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David Siegel
May 1996
Hayden Bk. Co, US
£27.49 (approx)

Whether you are making a personal page, a site for a client, or a corporate site, you'll find this book invaluable for all aspects of design: site structure, use of metaphor and theme, information-based sites, third-generation sites (what they are, why they work), layout control, Photoshop tricks galore, why you should avoid using most standard HTML tags, choosing good fonts, how not to use frames, future versions of HTML, and more! Six detailed chapters take you step-by-step through a third-generation site makeover, creation of a personal page, a storefront, a hotlist, and a gallery. Includes two chapters on making web sites with Adobe Acrobat using your favorite page layout program instead of HTML!

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Reviews and Customer Comments

Creating Killer Web Sites is to the Net what The Joy of Cooking is to food. Don't make a Web site without this book!
Roger Black, president, The Interactive Bureau

Great guide, helpful hints, best HTML design book by far.
Kill the HTML designing flaws! This thought comes to mind: "Gee, I never thought of that." Recommended by my professor, I found that the book was an incredible asset to my collection of HTML reference library. Wonderfully printed book and innovative ways of design for the Internet. Bravo!

When I received this book last holiday season, it was like a gift from the heavens. My eyes were opened as I received a revelation: I had the power and potential to create great web designs - I just needed the guiding hand of "Killer Web Sites." After feasting on the book, I was eager to put my newfound knowledge to work. And work it did. While previously potential employers had rated my work as "beginner-level," I am now receiving recommendations and high accolades from freelance clients. Thanks David! Rating=8.
Wendy Mathias

Good Book, paid for itself almost immediately.
I willingly paid full price for this book elsewhere, and the knowledge gained from it got me a full time job within two weeks helping design a web site for a major company. The book then paid for itself before my first coffee break. In that light it's an easy expense to justify. More importantly, I simply do better work now. It caught me at exactly the right time in my web development when I knew the code, knew Photoshop, but needed some direction, and for this I found it absolutely invaluable. The author is a bit snooty and I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm secure enough to not take these differences of opinion personally. Rating=9.

Wow! What a price for 270 pages. But what a book! Siegel is credited with being once of the moving forces behind the "Third Generation" of web sites. Remember the "First Generation"? - grey backgrounds, few graphics and everything set in Times New Roman! The "Second Generation" actually gave us different fonts and some garish backgrounds. Then came Siegel and others and showed us some of the tricks to get web pages looking as though they had some real design content. "Killer Websites" gives away many of these 'tricks' (such as the 'single pixel gif') and, through some stunningly reproduced pages, shows us how it *can* be done. Score: 5/5
Ian Traynor

Designing Web Graphics 2

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Lynda Weinman
January 1997
New Riders Pub, US
Paperback + CD Rom
£50.99 (approx)

Designing Web Graphics 2 uses examples from the author's favorite sites and offers helpful design, software, and HTML pointers. Written in a casual, conversational tone with a smart layout, the book offers accessible resources and direction for the designer and non-designer alike. Weinman's book covers everything the aspiring (or active) Web designer needs to know, from basic HTML to animation techniques in Macromedia Director and tutorials for the latest release of Adobe Photoshop. Weinman spends a lot of time explaining and deconstructing different techniques for creating and optimizing media elements. Rather than letting the tools lead discussions of technique, Weinman introduces concepts and goals and then follows through with software-specific instruction. Already in its second edition, Designing Web Graphics 2 is a best selling guide and the most technically up-to-date resource on Web design.

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Reviews and Customer Comments

Here's the real nitty-gritty of being a Web designer--not only the technical details, but also tips on what it takes to make Web design a career. Most of the book is about technique, though, and Lynda Weinman does it wonderfully. In a personable style she explains the nuts and bolts of tools of the trade, the trade-offs involved in creating visual files, the challenges of animation, and how to deal with the thousands of decisions you'll have to make on every project so that you turn out Web pages that are efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Amazon Expert Editor's Recommended Book

Lynda isn't a top selling author for nothing.
I read tons of books and it's not often that I find one that's as enjoyable to read, and instantly useful, as this one. If you think you know it all--you don't. This book is full of useful information and hints from a professional Web page designer who is sharing her experience.

LIKE A BRILLIANT LIGHT. This books stands above the rest. Perfect!
This book is a testament to the years of wisdom of Lynda Weinman's work in multimedia since 1984 at the beginning of the Mac. Perhaps it is the holy bible of web graphics. I have read articles she has written in various magazines for the last 5 years and she knows the design issues for multimedia and animation like it's nobody else's business. Never before has someone written about something technical and made it so easy to understand with such clarity and enjoyment. Designing Web Graphics 2 is yet again another masterpiece of research and understanding to working with images on the web. A book a web designer can't be caught without. Find out yourself why this is the bestselling book on web graphics!
a reader

A wonderful art injection to combat html geek syndrome.
I keep reading Lynda's book over and over. HTML tagging is really pretty darn simple. So why are there so many crummy net sites? Obviously, the art of creating a nice site is beyond the HTML tags. It has something to do with graphic design. The book has many nice examples, lots of good advice, and the layout of the book is pleasing and easy to read. Put on your beret, throw away your pocket-protector, and get some inspiration for your next web project.Expensive? You bet. Worth it? Yes, yes, yes!
Richard Moran

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